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D. Nicholson Miller
Wildlife Artist
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Don Miller  
Goldfinch Publishing  
1094 Fernwood Drive  
Fortuna, CA 95540  

Meet The Artist

Wildlife has been an obsession with D. Nicholson Miller, since childhood.  There's something about the sheer wildness of wild creatures that makes his pulse race.  It's a fascination that inspired him to bring rattlesnakes home as a kid, to stage Praying Mantis fights as an officer in Vietnam and to hunt game with falcons and hawks.  It's the obsession that compels him to spend hours incarcerated in a cage of raccoons with his sketchbook or days in the fields and wetlands with his camera.  You can read more about Miller as an officer in Viet Nam, as a falconer and as an artist in future articles.  Visit this website often.


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